Sunday, October 26, 2008

Its been almost a year...

And a busy year at that!

So sorry I haven't posted. I haven't had any time to do crafts. In fact, the only thing I've done is a calendar (that my husband actually just ruined by setting it on a counter that had water on it) and some "just moved" cards. So let me explain WHY I've been so busy...

Announcing Cameron James, born October 2, 2008!

I found out I was pregnant on January 31st. This wasn't exactly a "surprise", but DH and I had actually decided to stop trying because we knew the year would be extremely busy and we weren't sure if a pregnancy would be a great idea. Well, obviously God felt differently! :-)

I had complications from the start. The doctors were concerned with miscarriage, then it was thought I was having twins, then they thought one of the twins died, then I was going to miscarry was crazy! Halfway through the pregnancy there were some concerns from a routine ultrasound, so I was monitored quite often through the remaining months of the pregnancy.

In all of this, DH and I decided we wanted to try and move from England early. The military has a program called "curtailment", which is when you apply to change the date you are supposed to leave a base. So we started this application in March, and it was finally approved in July. We found out we were approved to leave at the end of July, and found out July 31st that we were moving to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City. We had two weeks to pack our house, sell our cars, get the dog and cat shipped back, make sure I was medically okay to fly...and we flew out August 15th. It was absolute bedlam!

We arrived in Oklahoma City on September 1st, after spending time with my family in Ohio. I was lucky to find a doctor who would see me, as well as a great birthing center. I was "induced" on October 2nd, with the intent of giving me meds all night and having the baby on the 3rd. The baby's heartrate was decellerating and wouldn't stay above the baseline, so the decision was made to do a c-section and get him out! He was born at 10:36PM weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds 8 ounces. My original due date was October 14th, so he was early. But who knows how big he would have been if we had waited any longer!! Plus, when they pulled him out, they found a huge knot in the umbilical cord, so it was good that he came out then.

I do intend to get back to crafting...I just haven't had any time! With the move, it took forever to get all of my crafts reorganized as well. I'm definitely going to try and post some things I have made throughout the past year...if anyone still reads this!