Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally something new!!!

I can honestly say that I am supremely jealous of moms who handle household duties, being a mom, and crafting. I'm even more jealous of those with full-time jobs who do it all. I'm not one of them!!! This card has been in-process for 3 days. Seriously!! It also doesn't help that I kept changing my mind on how to do it all.

The card was based upon the Color Inspiration challenge at Kristina Werner's blog. I have kept track of her color challenges for a few months...always just dying to do one. I write them down every week, and always run out of time to finish them! This week I told my husband that I was DOING the challenge. I started stalking her blog Tuesday, patiently waiting for it to post. And when it finally posted sometime on Wednesday, I was completely stumped!! I could do anything with four of the colors, but that dad-gum riding hood red!! Ugh. So this card was seriously something that I changed a bunch of times. Had it on a black base, then the red, then bashful blue...had a different main focal image, changed the hardware....crazy card!!

So here is my final product. I think its pretty cute. I made the mistake of asking DH what he thought...and his response was, "uhhh, its alright. I don't know these craft things!!!". :-)

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps: Out on a Limb, Beautiful Blooms (PaperTrey)
Paper: Riding Hood Red, Basic Black, Bashful Blue, Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose
Ink: Bashful Blue, Riding Hood Red, Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose
Accessories: Cuttlebug, Dots Embossing Folder, Circle Nestabilities, Label Punch, Ribbon, Silver Brads

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last page for now...and still in "edit and add" mode...

This is my "work in progress" page. At the crop I went to a few weeks ago, I was introduced to the wonderful "invention" of the Cricut. I've never used one before! Woah, I love that thing. :-) Its a pity its so doggone expensive. In any case, I used someone's to create my main title, "Daddy Bonding Time". And here, the bonding time is when they are both actually awake!!

I'll definitely need to add something to this, it is way too plain for my taste. But I love how the title turned out. I also used some old May Arts ribbon, as well as some gemstones I picked up at Michael's from the Martha Stewart line. No clue what paper this is. I'm bound and determined to go through all of my paper and use it its a mish-mosh of stylings. But at least I'm not spending money!!

By the way, don't you just love how it looks like my son is talking to my husband??? "And then I woke up but Mommy was still asleep, so I pooped and cried, so she woke up, and then she fed me and then I spit up, then we played and I talked to her, then I was tired so I took a nap...." hee hee!!!

I need to learn how to use my doggone camera...

I see the new "it" thing on blogs is to do closeups of parts of your pictures. While I probably could go in and crop to focus on things...I'm not sure if my pictures are high enough quality that closeups would work. And I'm sure I have the ability to focus on one part, but worry that my camera-taking skills are not as stellar as they should be. In any case!

My husband was playing with Cameron a few weeks ago and realized that Cameron thought it was a hoot to have his two favorite toys on top of his head. The picture on the left is Mr. Octopus, which is part of his Baby Einstein Baby Gym. The one on the left is Mr. Elephant, which is the best 5 bucks I've spent since this child arrived. You pull on a tab and it vibrates. Its like live-action entertainment, and Cameron is completely fascinated with this toy. He'll talk to it, smile, giggle, coo at it, quite funny to watch!

So these two pages took FOREVER to do. I just decided to do some indepth things to it. The word "toys" was stamped, then the letters cut out. The letters were sized for Nestabilities, and both the small square and the scalloped sqare were cut and embossed. Then I added the ribbon on both sides...then the brads...then the journaling...and at this point I realized that I wanted the doggone photos to be layered on cardstock. Oh well. Live and learn!

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps: Big Deal Alphabet (Stampin' Up!)
Paper: clue. I know I used an In-Color, is it Aqua Breeze? Did I make that name up?!?! Then the patterned paper is just something I picked up at Michael's.
Ink: Whatever Aqua color noted above....sheesh, for a demonstrator, you'd think I would know my stuff. Nope!
Accessories: Various Ribbon (again, no clue...whatever boxed stuff you can get in baby themes! Lord, this supplies list is so ridiculously vague!!), silver eyelets, Square and Scalloped Square Nestabilities, Basic Black Marker

Well here is my first attempt at including a crop version to show some more detail. Sort of hard to see the embossing detail of these squares...but trust me, its there!

Isn't my boy a cutie???

Finally some new stuff!

I have had NO time to post these pages that I did a few weeks ago. In fact, I haven't had any time to do anything else, and haven't even been able to surf around Splitcoast as much as I want to. This child is going through a fussy phase, and we think he might be one of the "lucky" ones who exhibits teething symptoms quite early. We can see four teeth, but can't tell if they are close to cutting or not. In any case he's fussy, temperamental, snotty (just his nose, not his personality!! hee hee), has a slight fever a lot of the time, and drooling like its an Olympic event.

In any case, I was able to do 4 pages at a crop I went to a few weeks ago. I'm so glad I got introduced to a lady who also went to it, and it turns out the group has quite a few members who live near me. They meet monthly, so I'll definitely look forward to hitting a crop each month and focusing on scrapbooking and cards!

Sorry for the bad picture. Its 7AM here, still dark, and we've been under a Winter Storm Warning since early yesterday. We got a ton of ice yesterday, then it turned into sleet overnight. It was sleeting so hard that it was thundering at one point overnight! We're supposed to get at least an inch of sleet, but could be up to 3 inches of sleet. How crazy is that?!?! (My mom is currently at the airport in Ohio trying to get on a flight here...its scheduled to arrive at 10AM my time...we'll see if she gets here. I'll apparently have some alcohol ready for her when she finally gets to my house, as she has already made it clear I am NOT to go get her at the airport).

(It is sleeting so hard right now that it sounds like rain. This is ridiculous.)

So giving the supplies for these pages is going to be interesting. I just don't remember a lot of it, so I'm going to guess. Obviously from the title you can see it is about my husband and son, who enjoy "bonding time", which typically involves a nap of some sort. I'm having a heck of a time getting the hubby to understand that, while these naps are sooooo cute, they are bad for two reasons: (1) Cameron is very close to rolling over, and (2) they throw him off the schedule I am determined to keep him on. So I try and keep all bonding naps to a minimum. :-)

Paper: Basic Grey Periphery, Stampin' Up Blue Bayou (retired)
Die Cuts: Basic Grey Periphery
Accessories: Basic Black Marker, black brads (unknown brand)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Will they be blue??

So obviously I forgot to post the last scrapbook page I made. And frankly, I made this a good week ago and haven't had a moment to post it, let alone make anymore! My son has been quite crabby this past week and has been demanding my attention. I'm attempting to get him on a schedule...and I don't think he likes it. :-)

So the point behind this page is whether or not my son will have blue eyes. His eyes are really blue right I'm hopeful. I have blue eyes, but my husband has hazel eyes. So we'll see over the next few months what happens. I was reading on BabyCenter that some kids have eye color that suddenly changes up to 2 years out! That is just crazy. So who knows...but at this point, I wanted to chronicle his beautiful blue eyes.


Paper: Stampin' Up...I think its retired Soft Sky, one of my favs!!
DieCuts: Stampin' Up (retired Simply Scrappin' Kit)
Accessories: Basic Grey buttons
Stamps: Big Deal Alphabet, Stampin' Up

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time for some changes...

I needed an update on this blog. If I'm going to start posting my craft projects, then it needs to be pretty on the blog as well! Of course, the doggone title at the top looks ridiculous...but I can't figure out how to get that OFF. My wonderful "Inked Butterflies" pic was done a few years ago, and that is perfectly acceptable as a title, so I don't need a second one above that. But its a Blogger expectation. Oh well.

I have another scrap page to post, but I haven't taken a pic of it yet. I was all set to scrap tonight and seriously could not get anything going! I lost what little mojo I had. I just feel like my pages could be better, but I can't seem to gain the creativity to do them. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow and something brilliant will strike me!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Faces of Cameron

I finally figured out how to get photos of Cameron smiling: I had to do it on a sunny day when my camera's flash wouldn't be used! Every time I attempted previously to get his cute little grin, a red light would go off before the flash, and he would stop smiling. When its sunny, the camera clicks immediately, meaning I can catch his many faces.

So the two pages I created (using virtually ALL products from the Basic Grey Periphery line) were from a bit of time when he was "chatting" with me and happy as a clam!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year...New Page there a phrase for New Years that is comparable to "Bah Humbug" for Christmas? My husband and I live in Oklahoma, which is Central Standard Time. This should be your first clue as to my story. I convinced him to stay awake to watch the ball drop with me. Every New Years we've been together he has fallen asleep before the ball dropped.

Uhhhh, note to self: pretty much ALL television in Central Standard Time is an hour early, and is NOT on tape delay. Sooooooooo......a ball dropped. At 11PM our time. I flip on the t.v. at 11:45PM, ready to see it...and instead see all the geeky artistis singing from Los Angeles. Yay. Kind of an anti-climactic New Years!

In any case, I managed to finish another scrapbook page for my son's scrapbook. This is page #4 in the scrapbook, and also layout #4 in my 12-layout challenge on Splitcoast.

I'm creating this scrapbook with the intention of showing it to my son later in life. So lots of the pages will pretty much be designed with a "you" or "your" mentality, as if telling a story. This page consists of one of Cameron's first "real" photos, taken in the birthing center nursery. My husband loves this photo because he's sort of got his right hand up in a "Dr. Evil" stance. :-) I typed up a very simple birth story to tell my son, and it is in a pocket on the page.
Paper: Uhhhh.....whatever was on clearance at Michael's!! :-)
Accessories: Martha Stewart glitter sticker alphabet letters, Stampin' Up glitter, Making Memories brads