Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking back...

I just had to post and say I re-read some of my previous posts. In January 2009, I posted saying we *thought* our son was going to teethe early. Ummm....not even close! He got his first tooth at 13.5 months! Now at 16 months he has 8, so he caught up...but seriously, we thought he was teething for 10 months!

I also posted at the end of 2008 and said I was going to be more active in the blog. :) Other than some posts in January, that did NOT happen. Ugh. So depressing. Crafting is such a relaxing outlet for me, I seriously wish I had more time to do it!

Where IS my creative mojo?!?!

You know, I'm fully aware of this blog. I think of it often, and how it sits pitifully empty of recent material. I peruse other blogs trying to gain inspiration, yet all I do is pine for more product, one extra embellishment or the ability to be so phenomenally gifted like Nichole Heady or Ali Edwards. But I'm not, I'm just me. I see these wonderful cards that showcase romantic crafting, vintage stylings and 157 different stamps with 800 different colors on one regular card. That is definitely not me!

My style is somewhat of a challenge for me. I like monochromatic cards. This leaves me with very few options for showcasing creativity, and doesn't really allow for the "wow" factor you see on many other blogs. I also lack the ability to think outside the box with what I many of us can look at a punched out heart and somehow create a layered flower with a bunch of them? Or take a stamp of a dot and create a multi-colored background?

I wish I was more creative. I wish I could sit and work on craft projects 5 or 6 hours a day. But that just won't happen. My husband has been deployed for over five months now, and won't be home for at least another 6-8 weeks. Our son is mobile, and can get into trouble before I blink! I moved house while my husband was gone, and have dealt with one illness after another with my son (including a debilitating stomach bug that only I was lucky enough to receive...quite possibly the sickest I have EVER been in my life, and that includes pregnancy!!). Needless to say, my craft items have been sitting unused for quite some time.

I want to gain my creative mojo back. I have two scrapbooking magazines sitting unread next to the couch. I have a new set of Basic Grey items I purchased off Peachy Cheap, which has to be an awesome site for us crafters! I innocently sent my husband a link to an item I hope he'll purchase for me for Valentine's Day, courtesy of Becky Higgins and her Project Life product. I so desire to get back into scrapbooking, to get out of my comfort zone and get creative with what could possibly be a couple thousand dollars worth of craft supplies. Wish me luck!