Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finally something to post!

You just never realize how AWFUL it is to survive without a camera until your only one breaks and you can't afford to buy a new one. :( Seriously, a camera phone should NOT be what you depend on for craft pics, preschooler pics, and everything else. I needed a REAL camera, really badly! Fortunately my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so I convinced my dad to go halfsies on a new camera with me. I'm the proud new owner of the Nikon p500 superzoom. I really wanted the Canon SX40, but it was $100 more...and the Nikon came with a case and a 3-year warranty. Now I will say that it seems out of the case the Canon is easier to work with, while I'm shooting a lot of things multiple times because the Nikon doesn't have the best image stabilization out there. But I'll figure it out. If only I could get my 3-year-old to sit still. :)

So I've had the camera for a month now, but haven't had a chance to post anything because both my son and I have been really sick. He came down with strep throat and pink eye at the same have to love preschools and all their germs. I got a severe sore throat and thought it was the same thing, but kept testing negative. Suddenly I had a debilitating cough and my doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. Ironically, it seems all of my issues were related to acid reflux, which I've had pretty bad since my son was born (another awesome perk of pregnancy!). Now I'm on a daily med for that. Still can't get rid of the cough completely...the acid came up and irritated my throat, tonsils and adenoids so severely that at one point I couldn't swallow. It was really bad.

On to some new projects! I had a stamp camp last weekend with two other demonstrators. All of the projects featured now extinct Sale-A-Bration products...but seriously, I'm sure most of you picked up the paper pack in SAB because it is completely adorable. One of my favorite DSP packs EVER.

Hard to see, but the squewers are actually going through Snickers bars. And everything was colored with markers. The smaller "stamps" are actually just from one stamp, the "Packed for Birthday" stamp. We just picked out sections, colored it, then punched it out with a 1" circle punch. Easy Peasy! And the stuffing is actually the packing paper from SU...sent through a shredder. Awesome way to reuse something!!

This is one of my favorite projects we did at the stamp camp. It is made completely of name binder holders! Its the perfect size to do a mini scrapbook and keep in your purse. We punched extra holes in the ends to tie more ribbon on.

I am in the process of putting all my photos in. I'm loving having this little scrapbook I can carry around to show people what I actually "do", as well as have a reminder of my cutie preschooler. :) I don't intend to add too much extra stuff, because it will become too big and bulky. I like how small and compact it is. And the colors are so doggone cheerful. Who would have thought I'd end up absolutely LOVING Lucky Limeade?? I thought that would be the one color I wouldn't use...and its in almost everything I make these days!!

Come back again soon for more projects! We did an awesome butterfly frame, a way to sneak Stampin' Up into herb gardening, andother amazing projects. Cool stuff!