Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This summer was one of, if not THE, hottest on record for Oklahoma. Now my toddler couldn't understand that, so we spent many an evening outside sweating our tooshies off. He, of course, blissfully played in his toddler pool, while my husband and I watched each other's faces melt off in 100 degree heat. Because if it gets to 114 degrees during the day, its well past a 2-year-old's bedtime before temps fall below the century mark.

So how is it, then, that the summer literally flew past?!?! Where did the time go?? My beautiful son, fresh in the terrible two's, has just turned three years old. I can no longer refer to him as a baby...well, at least not in public. I still tell him he's my sweet baby each night before I put him to bed. :)

I can understand where September went, as I was busy planning my son's birthday party, getting organized for a family vacation, and dealing with lots of other things with my son (I'll talk about the changes in C's life soon). So my crafting? Virtually non-existent. BUT, I did manage to put some craftiness into his birthday party, and have added photos below. I'm sure you'll figure out the general theme pretty quickly.

These are yarn balloons. Found how to make them on Pinterest, which is a new obsession of mine. I originally thought Pinterest was just for "pining" away for really expensive items, but its actually a great website for everything! I've found awesome recipes, organizational tips, kids crafts and games...and obviously decorations.

Had a slight miscommunication with my sugar cookie dough, which was supposed to mold itself into Elmo and Cookie Monster shapes. So they got colored icing instead, in shapes I obviously have no trouble making. And a big bowl of goldfish crackers were there, since Elmo sure loves his goldfish. :)

Apparently the idea of guessing cookies and goldfish was too scary, I only had one child guess (and he guessed "a zillion" for both...umm, close enough). Of course, the other problem was that guests kept sneaking a cookie or two, so the original number kept dwindling!!

Oh yeah, I drew the Elmo. My husband was impressed. :)

Right after C's birthday, we flew to Ohio for a week. I only get an opportunity to go back to visit my family once a year, which means I only get to see my niece and nephews that much as well. :( It bums me out. In any case, I'm glad we at least have these opportunities, as I know others who can't get back to their families at all.

I have three nephews and one niece on my side of the family, ranging in age from almost 18 down to 5. The 18-year-old was actually on his way to homecoming (eeek! How did he get that old?!?!) so I only got to see him briefly. The 5-year-old took a liking to my son, and sped him around in his motorized car. As you can see, my son was in HEAVEN.

But, as much as my son likes his cousin, he looooves my niece, who is 8. He followed her around everywhere! It was so neat to watch them interact and play. We were blessed with simply breathtaking weather as the leaves are changing.


After an exhausting trip back, both my boys collapsed on the second plane back to Oklahoma. We got up at 5:30AM to make our 9:30AM flight, got stuck in traffic because a fuel tanker crashed and leaked oil all over one expressway, and barely made our flight. By the time we got to our layover (only a 30 minute layover as well), we were all exhausted. The best part of this? My son is gripping my husband's finger. How cute is that???

So that has been the past few weeks of my life. I'm currently working on a bunch of projects, including prepping for a large stamp camp coming up in November, and a couple of classes I'm planning for late November/early December. I've also been writing a lot, as a few local newspapers have required freelance writing assignments. I'm also **hoping** to attend the Women of Faith conference coming up in Oklahoma City next month and blogging about it for World Vision. I will be so excited if they pick me!!

I'll post some new craft projects coming up soon. Got a lot up my sleeve...its just a matter of finding time to pull it out. :)