Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where has the time gone?


Do you want to know what I think of a 6-week summer holiday? IT SUCKS! Where did it go? What happened to my wonderful sleepy mornings and days in my jammies? How did 6 weeks go that quickly? And you wanna know what I did over my 6-week holiday? Nothing. I have no good stories to show for it, no vacations, no wonderful day trips anywhere.

Here's what I did on my summer vacation:

  • Get my sleep schedule so completely screwed up that I was sleeping from 6AM to 2 PM almost every day, give or take a rude awakening of a dog kiss or lawnmower. How dare people mow their lawn at noon! Don't they know there are weirdo's like me who are still sleeping?
  • Accomplish virtually nothing around the house. Oh, I did the odd cleaning jobs, but no deep clean/organization/etc. I kept thinking, "I will do that tomorrow."
  • Watch almost every DVD in my collection. Twice. This does include full sets of The O.C., Friends, Sex and the City, and various other single DVD collections.
  • Make about 100 cards that are too big to fit in my envelopes...thus making them obselete. I only did 2 scrapbook pages the entire summer. I've been working on two more for the last week. Sad.
  • Get in an accident. Drive a zippy rental car and not want to give it back...until I almost got in a horrible accident on the way to return the rental car that would have injured me severely. I returned the rental car with glee!
  • Experiment an arachnaphobic nightmare with giant spiders (see posts below with wonderful pictures included!!)
  • And be generally irritating toward the dog, cat, and my ever-loving husband.
  • So, for the finale of my sixth week of vacation, I decided to let my hair down and hang out at a friend's house where we played wonderful card games (why are card games named such horrible things? Bullshit, Asshole, Spoons, etc.?). Guess what? I got completely drunk!! And, for the first time in my entire life, I had a hangover yesterday. Seeing as how I'm 30, I think that is pretty impressive that yesterday was my first hangover. That is seriously not bad at all!!

So Wednesday morning looms bright and early. Too early, in fact. My day starts at 6AM, I'm out the door by 7, and I get to school at 8. Yep, I have an hour commute. 42 miles, to be precise. From 8-8:45 I run a "Breakfast Club", which is for at-risk children who suffer from behavioral/emotional/social challenges. Let me explain how fun that is. I'm sure everyone has read the wonderful blog Because I Said So at http://mom2my6pack.blogspot.com (sorry, for some reason my computer won't allow me to open any popups right now, I need to fiddle with my blocker and see what is going on. The computer also isn't allowing the CD-RW or DVD-RW to work, the video card is completely screwed up, the speakers are screwed up because part of the motherboard is broken....my husband may have thought in 2004 that we'd "save" money by building our own computer, but I guarantee you this thing is a piece of CRAP and I just want to order a Dell with a warranty and be done with it already!!!) So back to my original comment about that blog....imagine her 6 children and add 20 children ranging in age from 5 to 12. Add adult drama to that (hello!! It's like 9th grade lunch again..."Did you hear what she said about me? She's such a cow! I so don't like her....he favors her over me...they took away this from my job..." UGHHHH!!!) and I'm ready for a nap at 8:45. I start my G&T (Gifted & Talented ) groups at 9...but my boss hasn't even told me what I'm teaching yet. Might be Science, might be Math...who knows?!?!

I seriously cannot wait to move back to the States. I do enjoy working with the kids, who keep each day intriguing and unique. But these adults are doing my head in!!!! I hope that the rest of the school staff had a nice and relaxing 6-week holiday and come back with a better outlook on things. Because if I hear one more time...."Oh, I heard the American girl is starting drama..." even though I'M NOT, I'm going to scream!!!!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox.

Before I head to bed to enjoy my last 8 hours of education-free thought, I'd like to post a message to my mother, who will undoubtedly be really angry at this post:

No, Mom, I do not hate my job.
Yes, Mom, I'm going into the new year with a bright outlook.
Yes, Mom, I'll be sure to be nice to everyone and give them a good impression of Americans.
No, Mom, I do not believe I've paid this much towards degrees in Education when I don't want to be a teacher.
Yes, Mom, I'll give Jason a hug. :-)

I will attempt to post something craft related this week. I made my first coaster box last week, which was fun. I highly suggest purchasing a Crop-A-Dile if you are even going to attempt this...I can't imagine trying to just slam into the chipboard with a hammer!! hee hee

Have a great week, everyone!

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