Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I'm seriously going through withdrawal. I have had NO time to do anything crafty in about a month. Other than putting together a box of craft things for my DDSS on Splitcoast...which I couldn't even post a picture of in case she visits my blog...I have nothing new to show!

I'm currently doing my Christmas cards, and I can't even show them because I decided to send the "prototype" to my DDSS for this month's first challenge, which is to create a Christmas card without red or green. Well, considering I don't typically use those colors anyway, the card creation was an easy thing to do. I loved it so much that I decided to use it for my Christmas card this year. So now I'm doing the wonderful 'mass production' part of card making. The card is really cool...but you know how you never really take into consideration just how many layers and different types of embossing you actually include on a card? This one is going to take awhile to finish. It's pretty intricate. :-)

Other than that, I have nothing new to post. I'm going through withdrawal. I hope to actually have time this month to do some scrapbooking and stamping just for fun...but who knows if that will actually happen.

On a non-stamping note, I've recently decided to take my home business to the next level. Yep, now I'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator AND a PartyLite consultant! I just couldn't pass up the free kit if you have a show that has over $350 in sales, which mine did. I might as well enjoy the freebies, and I love having home shows anyway, so I'm looking forward to it! Yippeeee!!!

Enjoy the beginning of December, everyone! :-)

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