Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time for some changes...

I needed an update on this blog. If I'm going to start posting my craft projects, then it needs to be pretty on the blog as well! Of course, the doggone title at the top looks ridiculous...but I can't figure out how to get that OFF. My wonderful "Inked Butterflies" pic was done a few years ago, and that is perfectly acceptable as a title, so I don't need a second one above that. But its a Blogger expectation. Oh well.

I have another scrap page to post, but I haven't taken a pic of it yet. I was all set to scrap tonight and seriously could not get anything going! I lost what little mojo I had. I just feel like my pages could be better, but I can't seem to gain the creativity to do them. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow and something brilliant will strike me!

1 comment:

Tessa said...

Jen go into your customize blog
and click on the edit header and where you uploaded the header picture and where it says placement chose instead of title and description.