Monday, August 23, 2010

New layouts

I keep forgetting to update with the only two layouts I've been able to accomplish this month. :) Ugh, soooo busy! And to top it off, now I'm sick! I've had a hellacious sinus headache for the past two days. I think its weather/allergy related, as the temp here has been above 100 for the past week, with horrid air quality and its just so yucky out. Unfortunately, my child does not understand those things, and basically DEMANDS to be outside whenever possible. So, good Mommy that I am, I suck it up. And then get slammed with the headaches.

In any case, here's what I've worked on. Both kits used are from RebeccaB at MLAS.

The first is using her kit called Lets Hear It For the Boys, a collab with Dream Big Designs. I did a challenge at MLAS called "Scrap Mix", that requires you to use the numbers of your birthday to figure out what portions of a list you are supposed to do. My numbers worked out to using black & white papers, color extraction (changing a color photo to sepia tone and then "extracting" the real color back onto the photo), a date stamp, and to bring the theme of soap operas somewhere into my page. While I probably could have used the title of a soap opera (These Are the Days Of Our Lives...), I decided to just get dramatic in my journaling and make that my overall soap opera theme. :)

This one is from RebeccaB's kit called Little Boy Magic, or something like that. I can't remember if that's right or not. :) I love the scary tree element and the way I used the star-like element behind the trees. Can't believe my little boy was only 4 weeks old in that picture! Just today I was looking at Halloween costumes for him this year, he'll be two in only 5 weeks!! Wow how time flies. :(


KajunKJ said...

Cute LOs!

elizabeth kartchner said...

thanks for your comment. I am laughing about your sibling and your birth stories... I love it.