Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RSV is a four-letter word.

My poor little boy has RSV and Bronchiolitis. For those of you who are unfamiliar with RSV, it is the name of the cold virus...but when it hits little ones, it hits HARD. Cameron started with a runny nose, then it quickly escalated into a debilitating cough that would make him cry afterward. Needless to say, we ended up staying in the hospital overnight last week because it was so bad. His oxygen levels got down to only 88 percent, and you could tell he was really having difficulty breathing.

While the cough is better, the "regular" cold symptoms are not. So he's been really clingy and pitiful for going on 10 days now. We had tons of fun things scheduled this week (a zoo trip! a play date at an indoor playground! a play date with friends from MOPS! a trip to see cousins and a grammy in Dallas!) and we've had to cancel it all. Poor kid. Last night he wouldn't even sleep in his crib, he slept ON ME in my bed. 28 pounds on top of you isn't exactly comfortable.

Today he has the wonderful explosions coming out of both ends due to excess phlem getting into his stomach and digestive system. Ugh. Its not been a fun time.

So that is why nothing has been posted for awhile. I have three cards to show you from my last hostess club, but I haven't even had an opportunity to take pictures of them. My mom decided to come down from Ohio and help...plus she hates being so far away from a grandbaby that is ill. :( So she's been here since Saturday and she's staying all through next week too...thank goodness! Its been a Godsend to have her here with my husband at work all day.

Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to take some pictures soon. We did rearrange my craft room/guest room today, and hopefully throughout the next few days I'm going to go through and actually think about what I NEED to keep and what needs to go. I briefly posted some stuff over on SCS for sale, but haven't even had time to bump the stupid post or reply to the inquiries. Its been a baaad week.

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shaina said...

Oh, I hope your sweet baby recovers quickly!!! RSV is no joke.

Regarding your comment on my blog, while I agree that taking the time to write about issues in your life, in a book format is wonderful, I disagree that writing on a blog is a waste of time. It is an amazing way to journal one's life, and provide those details that our children will think facinating as they look back and read about their lives, from our perspective!!