Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fabric Wreaths

A few years ago, a friend of mine taught me how to make fabric wreaths. I've made a bunch of these, and even taught my MOPS (Moms of PreSchoolers) moms how to make them. In preparation for the meeting, I think I cut about 35-40 yards of fabric!! My hand was in "scissor mode" for a few days after that. :)

A closeup of the fabric. The fabric is in squares and cut with pinking shears, so they have a nice diagonal border along the edges. The wreath above is a 10" wreath, and the one below is 14".

A comparison of the wreaths. I really enjoy making these. Yes, they take a lot of time. But I get such a joy out of seeing them and giving a homemade gift to people. In fact, the one on the right is a gift for a family member...but I'm not saying who, in case she reads this. :) It took a LOT longer to make, since my psycho wonderful dog managed to get ahold of it sometime during the night last weekend and ripped half of the fabric out and took chunks out of the actual wreath. Thanks to a bunch of mod podge, I managed to salvage it without any noticeable scars. :)

And this beautiful ribbon is my next project!! I found an awesome tutorial on Pinterest that explains how to make ribbon wreaths. I've been drooling over them for months and finally took the plunge at Hobby Lobby over the weekend. 50% off ribbon helped the cause.

Other projects I have planned include making Christmas bath salts for my son's preschool teachers and assistants, making awesome personalized notepads for his teachers as well, and doing some acrylic painting on some totally adorable snowmen and other things I found at Michael's this year.

I should also mention that I have done almost NO Christmas shopping yet. We also don't have any decorations up yet. I don't know what my deal is this year, but I'm sorta scrooge-ish right now. Part of the reason I'm not putting up my tree is because our psycho wonderful dog will undoubtedly destroy it...and it cost too much to justify a destruction zone. So we'll see how things go this week. A friend recommended I attempt to hang the tree from the ceiling, but I figure that would just mean the dog would try to jump up to get it. I'd come around the corner and see him just hanging there, mouth gripping a defenseless branch. Or he would have electrocuted himself. Whichever comes first. :)

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