Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Want some?


I have the following Stampin' Up! stamp sets for sale. These can be mailed via USPS Priority Mail to the United States. If anyone from England wishes to purchase, we can discuss details via email at If you want to see a picture of the set, just email me and I'll send you a pick. Most are *gently used*...and I think a few haven't been used. All have already been mounted. All have retired, either on July 1st of this year or within the last year. I'm soooo sad to see some go, but I need to make room for cool new stamps!

All stamp sets have a price next to them that will not include shipping. I should be able to pop them all in a Priority Mail flat rate envelope, which I believe is under $5.00 to ship to the U.S. Payment will be accepted via PayPal....which I will figure out how to use this week. :-) I've only been on the payment end of PayPal, never the receiving end!!!

Stamp Sets:
Dream Come True, set of 8 $12.00

Celebrate in Style, set of 7 $12.00

Send a Celebration, set of 4 $6.00 (from SAB 2006)

Itty Bitty Borders, set of 4 $6.00

Quick & Cute, set of 8 $7.00 (retired 2006)

Gently Falling, set of 4 $6.00 (SAB 2006)

Pocket Full of Posies, set of 4 $6.00 (Hostess 2005-2006)

Beyond the Basics, set of 4 $6.00

A Light Heart, set of 7 $13.00 (special American Heart Association set from 2006)

So Very, set of 8 $13.00 (SAB 2007: never used!!)

Very Punny, set of 8 $14.00 (SAB 2007: never used!!)

Riveting, set of 8 $12.00 (Hostess 2007)

Please send me an email at if you are interested in purchasing any. I'll update this entry with any purchases as I get them.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Obviously the Brits don't observe this holiday (hello!!! We declared independence FROM THEM!!!), so I had to work a normal day today. Many people I worked with wished me a happy independence day, which I thought was very sweet of them. It pretty much rained the entire day, so the hubby and I just grilled out and took a nap. Yep, we're quite the active pair! :-)

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