Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally something to post!

To get my creative juices flowin', I joined a challenge on Splitcoast to do 12 scrapbook pages by January 4th. Hmmmm. I've done 3, and one partial. It's now early on December 31st. Guess I better get crackin'!!!

I'm doing a scrapbook for my new little boy, who is now 3 months old. Hard to believe a year ago I didn't even know he was on the books for my 2008!! In any case, I decided that pages 2 and 3 of the scrapbook should be an introduction to who his parents were when he was born. I created a list of questions that I answered and made my son answer. I intend, whether successfully or not, to recreate this every few years to see how much the answers change. I figure my son MIGHT get a kick out of seeing how much his parents change throughout his life. Or at least laugh at us. Whatever.
So the pages are pretty simple, but still take a heck of a lot of planning when it comes to choosing cardstock that my printer likes (I have a great HP printer that I bought when we were stationed in England...but having to sometimes print on the A4 paper size that the Brits use made my printer sort of prissy and sometimes it won't take thick stuff), cutting it down to fit (because of course all I have in patterned paper is 12x12), then cutting it AGAIN to fit in the 8x8 scrapbook. But hey, it gets the job done! I chose pictures of when we were living in England for these two pages: my husband is standing in front of Stonehenge, and I'm on the Autobus down the Seine River in Paris.
In this picture you can see me "pretty" craft table, which is actually one of those fold-up card tables. It works out really well for me because if I ever choose to, I can quickly pack it all up and hide the evidence. :-) On my table you can see various new toys I picked up at Michael's (thanks to my mother-in-law for a gift card for Christmas, and a 20% off coupon I found in Parenting Magazine...I only spent 11 bucks! WOOHOO!!), as well as my baby shower book that I need to figure out what I'm doing with, another scrap page that is half in process, various types of adhesive...seriously, there are FOUR types on this table at the moment, and another few in my craft bucket! Sheesh...
So I'll try and have a few more pages to post this weekend. I'm also going to TRY to participate in the Splitcoast New Year's Eve challenges which will be all day. We'll see if that happens. Having a 3-month-old is time consuming. :-) Of course, it also makes me screwed up on's 2AM as I post this. Boy, tomorrow is going to be loooooooooong!


Tessa said...

This is great! I did this in my oldest sons baby album - maybe I should in Blake's too.

Bonsignore Family said...

yeah! i love this idea!!!