Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally did a digi page!

My wonderful husband got me Photoshop Elements for Christmas. After getting it all set up on my computer...I was essentially clueless as to how I was supposed to use it! The program comes with virtually no user guide, and I was told by friends that I should "youtube" it to find some videos on how to use it. I love that "youtube" has become a verb, by the way. :)

In any case, I found Jessica Sprague's blog through another blog that I follow, and she has some great classes I intend on taking to help get me into the digi-world. She offered a free class to introduce some concepts, then encourages people to take her "Up and Running" class which offers a variety of lessons and goes into in-depth discussions/lessons on how to use Photoshop. Apparently there is also "homework". That is a 4-letter word, in my opinion. :)
So here is my finished page. Her free class essentially teaches you how to get your picture on the page, get it layered under other materials, and how to add text. Everything else was already on there, included (and unmoveable, so I couldn't "steal" some embellishment to use on another page...boohoo). But considering I have NO experience in Photoshop, this was still fun and educational for me.
I will say her video must have been done with Windows XP, because my setup is completely different from hers! It took me awhile to figure out how to save the files because her examples were different from mine. I'm almost scared what is going to happen when I upgrade to Windows 7...her classes probably aren't setup for that yet, so I might be way off with what I'm doing. :)
Please excuse the SIZE of me. Frustrating! To get the picture to "fit" in there, I had to stretch it...which meant stretching me. And it had to be stretched to ensure my son's face wasn't covered by the red bars with text on the right. So I look enormous. Yep, that is a real confidence booster right there. :)

This photo was taken the day before my husband left for deployment last August. My son wasn't quite yet 11 months old...and he turns 18 months on Friday. EEEK! How did he get that old?!?! Wasn't I just finding out I was pregnant???? Anyway, my husband returned last week, after exactly 7 months in the desert. We're hopeful he will be home for at least a year before going again, but anything can happen with the military. :(

I hope to take Jessica's "Up and Running" class soon, so hopefully I'll have more to post. Plus I've actually started REAL scrapbooking again, and am currently working on two layouts. Its amazing what you can do with another adult in the house!!!!!!!!!

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