Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ahhh, its been a long time, creativity. You went away. You circled the block, then teased me by reappearing for short waves of time. You would wink, giggle, then go away again. But you've come back, and I've USED you!!!! Ahhhh. I feel so much better now. :)

At Christmas, I promised I would make a calendar for my mom. I made one last year, after making one for myself the year before that when I had an opportunity to take the Calendar workshop class at Archiver's. So I actually called an Archiver's in Kansas City (they don't have one in the entire STATE of Oklahoma...ugh!!!) and ordered the materials over the phone. Sure would be nice if they entered the 21st Century and allowed online ordering!! Christmas, I made this promise. Upon returning from a 2-week holiday vacation visiting family, I came down with a wicked stomach virus. A week later, my son got a cold. The following week, I came down with my son's cold. Needless to say, I finally finished the calendar in the first week of Feburary. I didn't even bother to put pictures on the January or February pages!

The heart was cut out, and then I put all sorts of different Valentine-themed ribbon on the heart. I love how it turned out!
These are pictures of Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs.

My nephew and niece.

My mom with my son when he was only a few weeks old. Awww!
My husband, son and I before my husband deployed to Iraq.
Another picture of Colorado. I created the faux firework with sticker gems and just made it look like a purty firework.
At the airport before my husband deployed, my son stole his hat. :)
My son, niece and nephew. They are certainly teaching him educational things!
I had intentions of doing something completely different for this page; hence the Halloween theme. But then I just decided to throw on the pictures of my son right after he was born and a week or so later. He was born in October, so its slightly correct. :)
My sister and her family.
My son on Christmas morning, opening his first Christmas present. :)

All month names were used with either chipboard pieces (May, August) or the Cricut cartidge George. Most of the paper is what was included in the Archiver's 8x8 calendar packet from last year. Any other paper I used would have been a montage of whatever I had on hand, plus mostly Stampin' Up cardstock.
I've also done some cards I need to post, as well as getting into the Project Life project from Becky Higgins, which is freakin' awesome! I can't wait to get more weeks completed and start putting my own little spin on it. :)
So! Finally, some creativity! Yay! Now if only I can continue.....


Bev Dahl said...

Great job Jenn!~

K said...

This was the cutest calendar I have ever seen and "January" was created with my help!! lol. I enjoy crafting with my guru!