Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project Life

I love blogs. I love roaming around the various blogs I either have bookmarked in my "favorites" or ones that I follow through Blogger. I love how all these wonderful crafty people enable me to buy things. I love that I went to someone's blog, that linked to Ali Edwards' blog, which linked to Becky Higgins' blog...which lead me to the wonder that is Project Life.

Project Life is a wonderful way to organize the multiple photos you have, or a way to chronicle a daily picture. I knew that I would seriously NEVER remember to take a daily photo, and that I love how I can show multiple photos of the same day. Sometimes your kid does random things in the same day...why not be able to show them? So my Project Life is basically whatever I want to showcase. :) Pictures may have been taken throughout the week, or it may be a day's worth of pictures used that week. It is what I make it, which is what I like. No Project Life will be exactly the same!

The kit comes with wonderful cards to make things easy. The first page could have been different, I could have included photos. I might down the road, but for now I just love how it looks.

I decided to start my book at Christmas. Even though I didn't receive it until the beginning of February (courtesy of my husband for Valentine's Day...he took the very subtle email from me that said, "here, get this for me!". I'm all about making holidays easy for him. hee hee), I had so many photos that I wanted to have in a book. The kit also includes journaling cards, so it was very easy to write down everything that happened.

One slight pet peeve I have with the kit is that there are no ways to house 4x6 pictures that are vertical and horizontal on the same page. So instead of cutting these photos down to try and fit in the middle slots (which are only 2.75 x 3.75), I just decided to let them go sideways.

A huge winter storm hit the third week of January, at the same time that I had a horrible stomach bug. It was seriously the worst week ever (I should also mention my husband is deployed, so I had to tackle everything by myself!).

I do love that you can add things in the slots that aren't journaling or pictures. Here I have the Valentines Cameron received at a party. I've also seen some people who have added 8.5 x 11 page protectors in the weeks to house things that might be work that comes home from school, or other important things. I think you could also add extra photo holders if you have lots of photos you want to add.

Another thing that is great about this kit is the double jouraling cards (see the far right one with the tab) that you can write more info on and it pulls out to be read. Again, one issue with those is that you really can only do it on the right side of these pages. The left page only has the opening on the a card with a tab wouldn't be accessible. Not sure if that makes sense or not. :)

As another illness hit this week, I added the various cold medications I took. Seriously, I have been sick five times since New Years. I recently came down with tonsillitis. I will be soooo glad when winter is completely over!

This type of scrapbook/photobook has allowed me to keep track of pictures/experiences and activities. I have finished up through March 6th...which is pretty good! My plan is to print off pictures once per month. Depending on what online sales I can find, I will most likely just upload them to CVS and pick them up. Sometimes I can find Shutterfly or Snapfish deals, and at that point I will use those.

On another note, my husband has been deployed for almost 7 months. He actually left July 11th for almost five weeks, then was home for about 10 days before leaving for his "real" deployment. He **should** be home this week, so I'm very excited! Its been a long road. No clue when he'll deploy again (my guess is sometime in the first half of 2011), but we'll enjoy having him home. In fact, he hasn't even lived in our new home, which we built in 2009 and I closed on it 3 days after he left for his deployment. So YAY! :)

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K said...

I want to thank you for getting me into this blog thing. But I wanted to poke fun at the fact that every time you meant to say "kit" you typed "kid." LOL.