Friday, February 11, 2011

Hostess club card #2

I meant to post this earlier, but its just been one of those weeks where you feel the need to chew off your own arm to escape. I'm seriously not kidding.

We got hit with another snowstorm, our second in 7 days. This is unheard of for Oklahoma! If it snows twice in 4 months, its considered unusual. So for us to get 12 inches one week, and then 8 inches the next...pretty amazing. Amazingly awful. Cabin fever, party of 1! Err, party of 3. Husband and hellion fit into this too.

Then yesterday, our "wonderful" dog, who I've had since he was 8 weeks old and is now almost 11 years old (which is old for a cocker spaniel) got really pissed at my son. So Sammy bit Cameron. In the lip. HARD. To see my child actually spitting blood was something I will unfortunately never forget. After getting the bleeding to stop and being able to look into his mouth, I saw a pretty large gash on the inside of his upper lip. So, snow be damned, we ventured off to Urgent Care to get checked out. Upon finally being seen by a doctor (and eww, it really sucks being in a waiting room with people spewing germs and debris in every direction when you are there for a non-flu/cold related injury! I could almost see the germs wafting our way...ugh) it was determined that Cameron might need stitches, but the doctor didn't feel comfortable doing them, she wanted an ER doctor at OU Children's Hospital to see him. So we then left to go to the hospital.

I should also mention that my wonderful child had been having blowouts all morning, and completely went through the entire stash of diapers and wipes in my diaper bag in about 15 minutes at Urgent Care. So we had a pit stop (ummm...pun intended) at CVS so I could stock up. Of course that meant the kid didn't go again for the rest of the day, but at least I was prepared.

At OU, we had to wait F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Yes, I get its an ER. But seriously we were the first people there, we had about 6 people behind us...and we waited for about an hour. Fortunately there were elevators right outside the ER doors, and Cameron was so damn intrigued with them. Pretty funny to have to catch him every time he would attempt to run into one. :) In any case, once the two ER doctors (I'm assuming one was a resident and one an attending...but I think I've been watching too much "Grey's Anatomy") who were seriously both younger than me said he was fine, and just needed to be on antibiotics. But, the entire debacle from the moment he was bitten until the moment I picked up his prescription at the pharmacy was 7 hours. Loooooong day. And, wouldn't you know it, the sucker woke up with a fever this morning and has been a mommy-clinging, fussy, whiny mess. Ugh.

So its not been the best week. The husband and I had a babysitter lined up to go to dinner tomorrow night for V-Day, but I'm thinking that won't be happening now. :( We haven't been on a proper date in ages, so I'm bummed. Next chance we'll have on a weekend will be sometime in March, how sad is that? The lives of busy parents, I guess.

So, on to the card! I can't take complete credit for this, I copied the idea from a blog called Expressive Designs. This gal is so creative it makes me a good way. :) Seriously, I want to make every single card she posts, she's extremely brilliant! I just love her color combinations. I've always been a monochromatic stamper, so I like using her blog as a jumping-off point to challenging myself on color combos.

Stamps: Growing Green, Word Play
Paper: Marina Mist, Pear Pizzazz, Very Vanilla, Cherry Cobbler
Ink: Concord Crush, Pear Pizzazz, Marina Mist, Cherry Cobbler
Accessories: Marina Mist ribbon, sponge dauber

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