Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flower Scraps New Kit

Flower Scraps has released a new kit called Eileen, available at Stuff to Scrap. Deanna intends to create kits that are modeled after her kids, so the first is based on her 5-year-old Eileen. Its all pink and girly and b-e-a-UTIFUL! Check out HERE for a free add-on!

I can't even tell you how much I loved working with this kit! Seriously. I am surrounded by boy stuff. All my scrap pages are blue or something that is relatively manly. To get into all this girly stuff....I was in HEAVEN. Freakin' LOVED IT!!!!
I created a 2-page spread based on my niece Lauren, and my husband's niece Isabella. They were our two flower girls at our wedding. Lauren was only 14-months old when we were married, and Isabella was only 2.5 years. They were so cute walking down the aisle! I had them walk with their moms (April, my sister-in-law was a bridesmaid, and Kristen, my sister, was my matron-of-honor), and they were just so doggone cute!

I love how the spread turned out. It was the first time I attempted the true 2-page spread: when I've done them previously, I've just had two documents opened and I fiddled with them. This time I did a full 12x24 inch document, then split them for posting purposes. I had so much fun doing this! I'm so hoping I have a little girl in the future so I can fiddle with more pinks and flowers and cutesy girl stuff. :)

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