Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I know I haven't updated this in awhile...I've been reorganizing my crafting priorities and trying to make important decisions about what I want to do with my "spare" time.

I've decided to rejoin Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator, and had my first workshop last week! My upline was wonderful with allowing me to essentially take over the workshop she planned I'm very fortunate that I was able to. I have a few customers in my client base so far, and am hopeful I'll be starting with workshops, classes and clubs this fall.

I'm very excited about this new endeavour, and looking forward to doing something that can help my family financially.

I'll have new projects for you soon!

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shaina said...

So, something interesting. I had a dream the other night, and as with all dreams, I really can't remember what it was about, but I was waiting in line for something, and someone calls out your name: "Jennifer".

I thought it was too funny. Crazy dreams! Thanks for all your comments on my blog. Your name is obviously stuck in my subconscious.