Thursday, July 1, 2010

American Girly Girl

I have to admit, when I saw the title for this kit by Jenasis Design, I was scared. I thought with the word "girly" in the title it would mean I would REALLY have to think outside my boy-centered world! But this set, while it does have many girly elements, is so much more than that!! It is great for celebrating Independence Day, or any red/white/blue celebration you need. :)

Here are two layouts I made with the kit. The first was created using the June Template Challenge at STS. The challenge is awesome because it gives you the template, you just fill in your materials and photos. So it really helped me get out of a rut of using single photos on pages.

This layout was created to focus on the WEBN Fireworks in Cincinnati, Ohio. WEBN is a rock radio station there. They've done this fireworks show for as long as I can remember...since at least the 80's. They bring in two huge barges, both chuck full of fireworks. They even close two bridges and have stuff shooting, or falling, off of them! Its an awesome spectacle. It is loooong, going for 30-40 minutes. Its done on Labor Day weekend, typically the Sunday of the weekend so that way people have the next day to recuperate. It draws thousands and thousands of people to the banks of the Ohio River. When you're sitting on the Kentucky side of the river, you watch the fireworks with downtown Cincinnati as the backdrop. My dad used to live in a high-rise apartment complex in downtown Cincinnati, on the 26th (top) floor. So literally the fireworks were RIGHT THERE. :)

So its a great versatile kit! Check out the Jenasis Design blog, her store, and you can grab this specific kit HERE!!

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