Sunday, July 11, 2010

New stuff!

Typically I like to do individual posts for each new layout I do...but frankly, its 11PM on a Sunday night, and I'm exhausted. So here you go.

First up is Dream Big Design's kit called Enchanted. Isn't it pretty?

I did a speed scrap with the kit at MLAS. I had to blend a photo into the background, which was my first time doing that! Fortunately another online contact had given me pretty good directions on how to do it. I love how it turned out. These two photos were taken right after we returned from a weekend trip to Dallas, the weekend where my son got horribly sick and had a temp of 105 degrees. After a shot of antibiotics (you can still see the band-aid on his leg), a bunch of drugs (hello, Tylenol and Motrin!), he was just completely exhausted. He was crawling between the bedroom door and bathroom door and just conked out on the floor. Poor kid!

The next layout I did was for the font challenge at MLAS. They do bi-monthly font challenges there, its a great way to accrue a lot of free fonts! I really like this font, its so cheeky and unique. The kit I used was a bunch of mini kits I picked up on a blog train MLAS had called Polar Opposites.

This next kit is also by Dream Big Designs, called My Kind of Christmas. How cute is this?? That little reindeer had me. :) I've been in a Christmas scrapping kind of mood, seeing as how its going to be in the mid to upper 90's all week and really humid. The grass is always greener I suppose: now I'm thinking of snow, sweaters, and Christmas jingles...and in December I'll be dreaming of heat. :)

The title is a font I found on for free. I **LOVE** it!! Its so cute with little snowflakes. Check out that website, tons of free fonts in a variety of types!

I didn't scrap at all last week, so I spent all weekend (that I could) scrapping. I'm now scrapped out! I think I need to take a day of not staring at Photoshop. :) Of course, that won't happen. But a girl can dream. :)

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