Monday, January 10, 2011

Clean your Desk Day....yep, this one is for ME!!!

Did you know there is a "National Clean Your Desk Day"??? I find this so amusing. Ironically I was already kind of halfway in the process, since I needed to reorganize to get my purty new printer set up. But what I really ended up doing was taking everything off the desk and slapping it on the bookshelves. So I'm sorta getting there.

So these aren't really "before" shots, as that would have been slightly scary. I custom-designed our desk and bookshelves, and the builder was nice enough (or I guess I should say the carpenter) to actually do what I asked. So our built-in desk goes the entire length of the room, probably about 10 feet. It has two cubbies for chairs, two compartments for hard drives with rolling shelves, and then the entire length of the desk has bookshelves that are about 8 feet high. Nice to store stuff...but if its messy, looks really bad!

Here's my side. My desk level is a lot more organized than my husband's, but then my shelves are pretty chaotic. I have so many balls in the air right now (as my mom eloquently told me during her visit a few weeks ago) and so I have a bunch of different "sections" where things have to go. But you can see all my various child development related books over the top two shelves, as well as a bunch of cookbooks I'm not currently using. Oy. I guess actually putting these pictures on my blog mean I better get my tooshie in gear and clean it up!!! :)

This is the middle section and then leading over to my husband's side. As you can tell, we were mid-clean...the bottle of Pledge is right there. You can't really see the compressed air or the computer wipes, but they were in use too. Boy, the amount of dust that came out of my computer would have been comical if I hadn't known what damage it could have done. Gotta make a plan to do that a lot more often!!

So while I was cleaning, organizing, and filing, I came across a page from my son's class at MOPS (Moms Of PreSchoolers). We have a group of wonderful women (and even a few men!) who come in twice per month to lead classes while us moms get a well-deserved break. The teacher in Cameron's toddler room is Terri. She is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Seriously....{LOVE} her! She is so great with the group. She has a specific curriculum she teaches, brings in some biblical information (not sure of how much he's actually retaining at a 2-year-old level...but whatever!), and always has creative projects for them to do. I hadn't even really looked at his projects from last week, just slammed them in the "pile to be filed" pile. Look!!! It just melts my heart. So it has been moved from the "to be filed" into the "into the babybook" section.

And the AFTER shots. Not sure if you can tell I did much of anything, but I know I did. :) Got a lot of stuff filed, sent off some medical surveys and paperwork that needed to be done for Cameron, renewed some newspaper and magazine subscriptions that needed to be sent in, and reduced my "to be filed" pile by a LOT.

I love this white cabinet I picked up at Michael's. Really helps to keep office supplies organized. I know its meant to be a craft organizer, but it works really well in here too. I have last years file folders from the Stampin' Up catalog (the ones here are retired, but they have a new set available), and it helps me to keep organized. Also makes me realize I have way too many pens, pencils, and highlighters. :)
(hee hee, just realized my computer is obviously showing my blog "in progress". And the Stampin' Up hostess form right there that I better get filled out for my hostess. Obviously my desk will always be a work in progress!!)

Had to put a closeup of the new printer. So far, I'm in love. Love the touchscreen. Love that its quieter than my last one. Love that its wireless and can be used by all four (yep, FOUR...two desktops and two laptops) of our computers. And love the sleek design. Love how pretty it is without fingerprints. Yet. And yes, that is recycling info taped to the wall behind it. Someone in this household argues with me about what the city allows to be recycled. Someone argues with me a lot. Someone thinks I lie, and will suddenly decide to take all of the non-recyclable stuff and throw it into the bin just to prove me wrong. Someone is wrong...and it ain't me. :)

So there you go. Check out the blog that I got this from, Willette Designs. She hasn't even posted her "after" pics yet, so you still have loads of time to do it. In fact, I think I'll be the first one to post about this. :) Yay me! Yep, I can even be competitive about a completely selective, non-required activity. I am just THAT weird. :)

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