Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ugh. No time. AT.ALL.

Seriously, when did stay-at-home moms become so doggone busy?!?! I seriously don't understand how some moms with 3, 4, or more children can fit in crafting time. Granted, I do typically screw around on the Internet for an hour in the evenings after my son goes to bed...but how do SAHM's come up with these beautiful works of art that seem like they took forEVer to put together...and then post a blog that says the project was "whipped" together? Ummm, Jealous, party of 1? Yep, that's me.

I will say that Christmas I was at least partly crafty, as I made two fabric wreaths for both my mom and mother-in-law, created a photobook and three calendars in Picaboo, and attempted to get caught up on my Project Life book for 2010 (yeah, it would help if I didn't have to get "caught" up from May...oops). But, when you add everyone in this household getting a yucky virus, the holiday season, visiting family, and just the general chaos that exists, I have absolutely NO time to do anything. My 2010 Project Life stuff is sitting all nice and pretty in a beautiful wicker box on my dining room table, just begging to be touched...and I can't garner up the interest to do anything. I haven't even ordered the 2011 one yet, and seeing as how they sold out of the one I want, I'm guessing I won't get it ordered until the end of the month (better, since I really want to actually FINISH the first freakin' one).

In addition to my wonderful son throwing his terrible two tantrums, we are extremely busy. He has some delays, most of which he *should* grow out of, but they require a lot of tests, appointments, and therapy sessions. He has been seeing a physical therapist for the past year, and finally just started walking a few weeks before Christmas (yay! Great Christmas present!!). He has low muscle tone, and that made his ankles turn inward really severely, so he couldn't get good balance. He also had a large amount of fluid in both ears, and had to get tubes. The tubes helped with his balance as well. Cameron also isn't talking, and isn't really a verbal kid at all. I've been teaching him sign language, but finally the doctors got concerned and started requesting lots of specialized hearing tests to determine if there might be another condition. So far he's passed everything, but a big test is coming up at the end of the month to look at his "automated brain response", or ABR. This test basically shows whether or not the ear correctly sends information to the brain. If that test comes back negatively, then he'll have to get the cochlear implants. In the mean time, he sees two speech therapists each week to try and help him gain his speech. One has been pretty nonchalant the last few months, and I got irritated and started the process within my insurance to qualify for a second one. The second one IMMEDIATELY made progress with Cameron...which has actually lit a fire under the first one's tooshie...I think he's competitive. :)

So my week is basically made up of speech therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, random doctor/specialist appointments, and playdates. I'm active in my local MOPS chapter, and do the Creative Activities for it, and that sucks up a lot of time too. But Lord, I want to be crafty! I'm just so exhausted.

So I apologize for letting this blog go. Hopefully soon I'll be able to slap something together. I have a few friends who want to host Stampin' Up shows coming up in February (gotta get Sell-A-Bration stuff!!) so I guess I better figure out how to get my creative mojo back again. :)

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MollyD said...

Okay - what is this project life thing you speak of? ANd tantrums - try have two girls that feed off each other - not fun. I feel your pain!