Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Little Word: January's Prompts

I finally received my order for page protectors and an 8.5x11" album, and I was able to actually start the One Little Word class by Ali Edwards (which you can still sign up for at Big Picture Classes). Now, I probably could have started awhile ago, but every place was sold out of the kind of album I wanted, and the page protectors Ali is using were also sold out...and I want to BE Ali Edwards, so I'm doing it the same way she is...cuz she's awesome...and so here we are. :)

I figured I'd give you a look into my craft room/guest room. I'm the type of crafter that always has about a gazillion projects going at once. I'm still trying to finish up my 2010 Project Life album, I have a Stampin' Up hostess club I'm trying to get organized for in two weeks (that would be the pile of paper scraps, punches, and stamps on the floor), then the One Little Word stuff is on the table. Like my artwork on the wall? My son. He's a budding arteest. Gotta say it like that: arteeeeest. :)

My purty album. Seriously worth waiting for. I love how clean it is, sturdy, and good ole leather. Its color is "Cobalt"...but seriously, its freakin' Navy. Whatever.

So the beautiful thing about the class is that Ali tells you what to do. You're supposed to use it and put your own spin on it...but since I want to BE Ali Edwards, I'm doing it her way. One of the things I love about her albums is they aren't uniform. Its not all 12x12 pages. She'll custom create a page protector to fit something atypical (just by sewing onto a regular page protector and then cutting off the unused section). I like that everything is unique, which is what sold me on taking this class. Its making me think outside my matchy-matchy-must-be-symmetrical style of scrapbooking.

Ali provided us with PDF and PNG files for many of the things in our January assignments. The front frame with the "One Little Word 2011" was provided, and all I did was add some pretty Sassafrass chipboard letters I've been hoarding for years.

The back of the front cover is a 5x7" pic of yours truly. Hi. Wassup. :)

I was fiddling with the self timer of my camera. Ironically I've had my camera for 3 or 4 years and never used the self timer. I just figured out a few months ago how to turn the damn flash off too. Sad. I almost edited this picture because it shows some dust on my table, but then I decided not to. You know what? My table has dust on it. Its not like we don't use it...we have family dinner at that very table every night. You don't like it? Suck it. There. :)

The "main" assignment was to use our word and choose some definitions, a quote, some synonyms, what we "invite" into our life by choosing the word, and why we chose the word. The main words were all in a 8.5x11 page format provided by Ali. I did choose to edit mine in Photoshop, using all the cool fonts I've picked up over the past few years. In fact, pretty sure I used Ali's font on there somewhere.

The great thing about a project like this is its allowing me to get into my overflowing stash and use stuff that I've had for years. Seriously, I've been scrapbooking for 10 years. Styles have definitely changed (oh Lord, you don't want to know some of the crazy stickers I have from the late 90's!!), but some things are classic. In any case, I broke out some retired SU paper, my date stamp from the Project Life kit, and then used all confetti SU paper for the base cardstock.

Again used retired SU paper on the left, some funky pens I've picked up along the way, then used the Color Spritzer tool with a bunch of SU markers to create the inkblot image on the right. I figured if my word was "create", I better create something on here.
Again retired SU paper, some sort of translucent tag I got from somewhere, and cute polkadot ribbon that I have from a ribbon share I did ages and ages ago.

This was really fun to put together! I can't wait to see what Ali has in store for us in February. Apparently the size of the album (the one that I bought) is big enough to put a couple of One Little Word projects inside...so hopefully I'll enjoy this enough this year that I'll do it again and fill the album up. Hard to believe I'm thinking of doing this again next year considering its only mid-January...but I'm slightly psychotic like that. And seeing as how I'm really really REALLY far behind on my 2010 Project Life, I'm not making any concrete plans right now. :)


Rebekah said...

This looks wonderful! So glad you finally got your order so you could get creative!

Rebekah said...

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