Saturday, April 21, 2007

Them flowers are a bloomin'

Here in England, we have these amazing fields of flowers that look like goldenrods and they are blooming right now. They have a really unfortunate name...they are called Rape. Yep, that's the name! The interesting tidbit is that the flowers are produced for canola oil, and the fields are all over the place here! It's beautiful driving around though, seeing rolling hills of bright yellow blooms. I figured it would be nice to post a few pictures of the blooms that are in a field about a mile from my house. The only thing I can't stand about these fields is that the aroma is quite overpowering to me. Think of a beautiful aromatic bouquet of flowers in your house, and then multiply it by 1,000. That's the smell around these fields!


Jennifer James said...

I live in the states, Grangeville, Idaho and we have tons of Rape fields here also, love the beautiful yellow color.

Allison said...

Please see here: