Friday, May 18, 2007

I Deserve a Treat!!

Do you think I deserved a treat after THIS?!?!?!
Thursday afternoon, I was told by my coordinator that I received an interview for a Science Teacher position at a local school. I was quite happy...but a little apprehensive and paranoid about it all. I've only been at my current school since January, and only applied for the Teacher position because my current slot was only temporary until August. I have since been told that my job is permanent for next year, so it was a relief to know I have a job. I was apprehensive about starting another job in another school...I feel comfortable in my school, I know the rules/regulations, and I enjoy working with these kids. So I figured I would go ahead and interview, then decide what to do if the job was offered to me. To add insult to injury, my husband was told his shop on Lakenheath is closing, so he'll be out of a job. Because his "actual" job has since been relocated to Ramstein in Germany, we really don't have a home. This means they could send us back to the States early...yippeeeee!!!!! forward to this afternoon. I decide to call the school to confirm the interview date, as I believed it to be Monday. I had to tell my current school that I wouldn't be in and begin preparing for the interview (which included a lesson with a class, a presentation to School Council members, an interview with the head teacher, and a tour with students). Well, much to my complete shock, I'M NOT GETTING AN INTERVIEW!! Apparently my coordinator had cotton in her ears when she asked if I had received an interview, because I didn't!!! So I was already mentally preparing my interview outfit, what lesson I was going to teach, anything I would present to school council members...and I didn't even freakin' have to waste my brain cells!! (In all honesty, with my anger and frustration there was a large glimmer of relief. Now I don't have to worry about anything, and can just finish out the time in England at this school in this job. It's still teaching, and giving me valuable experience while I finish my Master's).

So I treated myself!
Silly me, I went to the Inky Antics website because everything I see Kirsten Dubosque do on her blog makes me want these stamps soooooo much. So I treated myself and picked up my own Petey, a cutie Polar Bear, a wonderful Princess named Emi that I know my niece is going to love seeing on cards, and sayings for all. I had to get this one because he kind of looks like Sammy (my cocker spaniel), and looks like something I would do to him just to see if he'd let me get away with it...and then this one because Sammy and our cat, Arianna, are partners in crime! The final, yet oh so true, is a wonderful stamp that says the following, I'm not lazy! I'm "motivationally impaired" (seeing as how I just got in trouble for being late to work, my motivational impairement is rearing it's ugly head at very inopportune moments. Luckily, I've sucked it back in and replaced it with "I don't want to lose my job" syndrome). I also splurged and got a small package of Prismacolor Pencils, because I played with my neighbor Jen's the other day and just loved how they allowed you to shadow things a heck of a lot better than crayons do. I'm sure my first few experiences with Gamsol should be interesting...but fortunately there are enough tutorials and experienced Prisma gals in blogworld that I'll get the help I need!

No new cards to post right now...I'm working on two swaps that I need to finish this weekend. One is for a swap I signed up for on Splitcoast, all about 'Saying Goodbye to 2006 In Colors'. I'll miss them, but I'm really liking four of the new ones (plus the gray). I might get a pack of cool caribbean to satisfy that craving over the summer though. :-) The second swap is for my SU demonstrator group, and we have to use retiring stamp sets. So I've combined them both for a little inspiration and will do two similar swaps using the same stuff so I feel I truly got my money's worth on all of it. I'll post the swaps when I'm actually finished with them!

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Kirsten said...

You're too funny! I'm glad to be at your enabling service! LOL Seriously, though, I hope that your's and your husband's job situation gets worked out. There's not much worse than being in limbo! Hugs!