Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Breeze...

...makes me feel fine...something-something-something-...of my MIIIIINNNDDD!!!

Sorry. Everytime I think of "summer breeze" I sing the old song in my head. I think the something-something-something is "going through the chapters of my mind" or something like that. :)

Here is my first layout using Scrappy Towne's Summer Breeze kit, available at Secret City Treasures and Ahhh Scrap. Check out her blog to see what other goodies she has available!

I'll be out of commission for a bit. We have family visiting this weekend, and then my son will be getting tubes in his ears on Monday. He hasn't had too many ear infections (two in the past month, however), but has always had fluid in his ears. Since he's not yet talking, we're concerned the fluid is screwing with his ability to hear correctly. He hears...but we don't think he's hearing as well as he should. So tubes are going in bright and early Monday morning. Wish us luck!

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