Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Through to Round TWO!

So I have made it through to round two...although I'm lucky, because there was a slight mistake on my layout. The judges decided that they didn't give enough information on the rules, so anyone who completed a layout was pushed through to the next round. There were around 95 or so competitors at the beginning, but I guess a bunch didn't actually do the first challenge, so only around 60ish of us are through.

The rules for last week's challenge stated that we were NOT to use complete sentences. Well, I didn't feel that I did. But seeing the results, the judges felt that any sequence of words over 3 words could be deemed a complete sentence. NOW, I will say that the teacher in me says NO. It is NOT a complete sentence unless there is a noun, verb, etc. So my sentence of "full of adoration and love for my child" wasn't technically a full sentence in my opinion. I would have to have added the words "I am" to the front to make it a full sentence. But, apparently the judges felt otherwise.

In any case, the week 2 challenge will be posted tomorrow. Eeek! We'll see what it brings!

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Jennifer said...

Did they tell you that directly? I wasn't sure if mine was considered wrong or not, but I never heard anything either way. I'm glad they let everyone through because I do think that part was up to interpretation!