Saturday, June 5, 2010

TSGT Week 2 Layouts

The Week 2 challenge for "This Scrapper's Got Talent" (check out the gallery of all layouts for this competition HERE) at Stuff to Scrap was just that: A CHALLENGE!! I had to create a 2-page layout using 10 pictures, and then create journaling listing a top-10 of sorts. I chose to do a layout on 10 reasons I love my son. :)

This challenge made me realize that I am NOT as far in digital scrapbooking as some of these ladies are. I still scrapbook quite similarly to how I paper scrapbook: I like layers, embellishments, and everything tends to be symmetrical and monochromatic. I am challenging myself into getting more colors into my layouts, as well as using different shapes. I tried to do this page with the pictures being all different sizes...and it seriously killed me! I changed it back to the pictures being lined up. I don't like it when the pages look discombobulated. However, other layouts done by gals look amazing that way! Mine just aren't there yet. (I started this layout on Thursday...took me 3 days of fiddling with it before I considered it "done" and ready for posting!).
I really have no idea if I'll make it through to next week. In some ways, I'm hoping the same thing will happen like last week: so many people didn't even complete a layout that we all got through (so they ended up "eliminating" 30+ people who signed up) so I can go one more week. Every week we stay, we get coupons and free stuff. So I'd like to make it to week 3. :)
The kit I used is called Muddy Buddies, and is such a cute kit for boys! The designer just released a kit similar to this for girls, called Muddy Girlies, so definitely look on STS for those kits! The brushes I used were ones I received in my recent Jessica Sprague class. I'm still having difficulty understanding the brushes...they aren't quite as easy as Jessica makes them out to be in her courses. Although I was impressed with myself for figuring out how to change the color...yep, that's how deep I am into things. I changed the color. WOOHOO! I tried to change the orientation, but ended up flipping the whole layout, so no clue what I did there. :)

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Bonsignore Family said...

these are beautiful pages! so funny, but i thought your title was for TECH SGT...:)