Monday, August 20, 2007

Now THIS is a giveaway!!!



I seriously should read each line of a contest before just flipping out and entering. The contest was over on Friday...and I just entered it Monday. Hmmm. How much of a geek do I feel like right now?!?!

So, obviously I didn't win the tv. I'll just have to figure out another gift to give Jason so I'm the cool wife for his birthday. :-) It sure isn't going to be a 37" LCD television!!! :-)

I'd sure like to win this...a 37" flat screen LCD television!! Go check it out at 5 Minutes For Mom, sponsored by Best Buy.

Jason's birthday is coming up in October...this would be sooo cool to give him for his birthday. I think I'd win the "best wife" award for the month in his eyes. Maybe even for the year!!!

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