Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nothing new. :(

I've been in Dallas visiting family this weekend, and my child got horrificly sick. His temp spiked up to 105 today!!! We immediately went to the E.R. where he was diagnosed with an ear infection, but they arent sure if its a virus that just hasn't shown symptoms yet. So he was given a ton of meds and some prescriptions, and hopefully we'll make it back to Oklahoma City on Monday. Ugh. This is soooooo not the weekend I had hoped for!

As long as I arrive back and can get all of my stuff ready, keep my blog bookmarked for some great stuff! Flower Scraps and Nibbles Skribbles are having a CT Blog Train and you'll get all sorts of freebies...I even made my very first QP (Quick Page!). The June BAK will be going live at Stuff to Scrap, and a new kit is coming up soon from Jenasis Design! A big week for all of us, yay!

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