Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeling Lucky

Colleen at Pretty Pixel Designs asked me to play with her kit called "Feeling Lucky" to showcase that it is NOT just for St. Patrick's Day. While lots of the elements focus around clovers and the general green-ness of St. Patty's, I managed to create a very nice layout without anything to do with that holiday. :)

I like how this turned out. My husband I were so proud of ourselves for planting this tree. The sucker is HUGE. Seriously, like 12 feet tall. We had to have our builder meet us at Home Depot because the tree was so big it wouldn't fit in our SUV. And then to dig the hole...oh.my.lord. Seriously, took forever. Both of us were exhausted after it...and we had two more (much smaller) trees to plant in the backyard!

We're still not sure if any of the trees are "taking" to their change of environment. Home Depot is about 30 minutes away, and we unfortunately picked a very windy day to go get the trees. So the trees actually suffered "wind burn" on the drive back to our house. We also realized after planting them that we didn't follow the explicit directions on how to plant them, so we're not sure if we supplied enough loose topsoil for the roots to dig into (the roots may have a hard time getting through the wonderful Oklahoma clay that is extremely tough!). So the trees are still looking slightly forelorn and droopy, but they haven't completely died. So there is still hope. :)

Stay tuned for two great kits from Pretty Pixel Designs coming up in the next few weeks! PPD will be participating in the May BAK through Stuff to Scrap, as well as releasing a brand new kit that has some wonderful colors!

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