Friday, May 7, 2010

Two layouts for Challenges

Another website I peruse often is called Divine Digital. This month they started a monthly challenge where you have to complete 10 out of 12 challenges to win some freebies. All I read was "free" and I started to do the challenges. I'm all about some free loot!

This first challenge is called "Use It Or Lose It". You download a mini kit, and you have to use everything in the kit. You can add things that you already have, but you MUST use everything in the kit. I admit, this is not my style. Its too romantic and floral...I don't mind flowers, but I'm more of the type that likes flower buds, not leaves and baby's breath and all that mumbo jumbo. Just give me the flower. I like tulips, they are easy. :)

In any case, I'm proud of myself for going outside my comfort level to tackle this challenge. I thought the picture of Jason with Cameron was appropriate, because Jason is looking at our son with unconditional love and support in his eyes, while Cameron is looking at me with bright-eyed enthusiasm and innocence. Love this picture!!

The only thing I added was the alphabet (title), and that was from a Team Divine Mega Kit called Bless Our Nest. Seriously a HUGE kit, with like 5 alphas and countless embellishments and papers. I bought it on sale the other day for 3 bucks!!! Totally worth it! Ironically, I just tried to find it on the DD website so I could link it here...and it is miraculously gone. I don't know if they've deleted it, or if its being revamped...who knows. If I see it again, I'll post it on here. Cuz its an awesome kit!

This next layout was for a "Font Challenge". They choose the font, you have to use it. Some fonts are very big and bold, which may be used for titles and dates. This font was more flowy, so I chose to use it in journaling. Its slightly hard to read, but its fine when its on your computer screen in PSE.

Everything from this kit came from Bless This Nest. Great kit. Seriously.

So I posted this pic on Divine Digital...and I got a very long email from someone else on the forums who essentially critiqued my layout and told me what to do differently. WTH?!?! I was very taken aback by this! I have never done that to another crafter. While I may not agree with what someone does, it is there perogative and their page! If someone ASKS for my opinion, I'm likely to give it to them, but in a constructive criticism way. I never say "Wow, that sucks. You really shouldn't have done it that way."

I will say this woman was very clear in stating she was not a designer, she just felt that the journaling was hard to read and that I should change my page to put the font as the title, then a different font as the journaling (in order to still qualify for the challenge, I have to use the font somewhere). I think she felt odd emailing me about it, and she said she just felt that I deserve to know a way I could make my layout better and more appealing to an audience.

Is it wrong of me to feel slightly angry about this? I really don't know. I haven't responded to her...I've just never had anything happen to me like this before. Weird.


K said...

Nope you can be mad. Sounds like the way she did it was rude and uncalled for. I like them. The font is nice.

Jennifer said...

Wow, that has never happened to me! It is weird that she felt compelled to share her opinion when you didn't ask in the first place. There are so many styles and different types of pages out there, to each their own!