Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flower Scraps release!

Flower Scraps is releasing a brand new kit called Choo Choo. It is soooo cute!

I didn't have any appropriate train pics to use, but obviously this kit is versatile because I made two wonderful layouts with the materials. There are alpha's in this kit, and they are awesome! I'm such a sucker for alphabets. :)

One thing I simply cannot do is leave a scrap page without journaling. I'm a journaling psycho. Seriously! I always feel a story needs to be told. Yes, my pages might be slightly busy, or seem off-center because of journaling, but I always want there to be a story that my son can look back on 20 years from now and completely understand the point of the picture. So while this might not look as pretty as it would without the journaling, its MINE and I like it. :)

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