Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finally on to a new Jessica Sprague class!

Surprisingly, I talked my wonderful husband into letting me purchase the next Jessica Sprague class, called "Now We're Rockin". Of course, I think I purchased it two weeks ago and today was the first time I could actually sit down to do a lesson! The amount of goodies I had to download for this class took forever...seriously, I think it was 5MB of templates, papers, embellishments and whatnot. Then there were other freebies we got to grab along the way as well, including some downloads for a quickbook that is our "bonus lesson"...and I haven't even downloaded it yet, can't even think about that right now. My brain is on PSE overload!

So now that I'm apparently "rockin" in Photoshop, the tasks are getting more intricate and involved. We learned how to erase today. WOOHOO! I thought that was funny. But the big thing we learned, which honestly if you asked me to replicate without directions, I so could NOT do it, was how to take a photo in sepia tone, then pull color from the original photograph. See below to see what I'm talking about, I pulled the color of the flowers behind Cameron. Pretty cool...takes Not kidding.

So this layout pretty much took me all day. I kept getting interrupted. Damn husband and son for trying to spend time with me on Mother's Day! Sheesh. :) So I got interrupted right as I was trying to get the major template positioned. Bsically we were given a template with the ripped paper, and we were supposed to position it slightly higher than what I did. But because Cameron woke up from his nap and we needed to go to the store, I sorta just stopped. And then about 30 steps later, I realized WHY it needed to be higher...and I couldn't go back and redo the whole damn thing again.

In any case, I've learned how to flip pictures and brushes, install brushes, work with sepia tone, finally remembered again how to fiddle with shadows, and various other things. I'm seriously exhausted after this lesson. :)

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