Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Scrappers Got Talent Week 1 Challenge

So the competition has started! I was stalking the thread this morning so I could see my options and plan what I wanted to do. Soooo exciting!

(note, you cannot sign up anymore!)

So the Week 1 challenge was to create a layout with only 1 or 2 photographs, as well as lines of text, but no complete sentences or journaling paragraphs. The words "I Am" had to be somewhere on your layout, essentially talking about yourself. Ironically, I completed a similar layout to explain why I started digital scrapbooking for the "My Life" challenge a few weeks ago in a similar fashion, which can be seen HERE.

So here's what I came up with.

I freakin' LOVE how this turned out. Seriously. I'm proud of myself. I guess that's the point of this competition! I used a kit called Fresh Air Adventures by a designer named Scrapalicious Cereal, which is available at Stuff to Scrap. The kit is amazing, lots of wonderful colors in my favs (blues and greens) and I think I can use the kit quite often.
I decided to be ME for this layout. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a comedian. I love making people laugh, I'm the person people turn to when they are really upset and need to get a laugh to make themselves feel better. As you can tell by the photo (taken at Christmas when one of my sister's six-week-old 'goldendoodle' puppies was going to town on my hair like it was her long-lost chew toy), I enjoy even having a laugh at myself! Since I could only use one photo, it doesn't show the series of photos that I took at this time to chronicle the dog attacking my hair. Its pretty funny...and I have funny faces in each photo to go along with the crazed hysteria of the attack. :)
The rules of this competition stipulate that people must complete their layout by the Sunday of each week. The judges take Monday to judge and eliminate some, then Tuesday they tell everyone who made it through. My goal out of this was to just make it past week one. :) Seriously! I'm such a new digi scrapper that I considered making it past week one to be a great accomplishment! If I could make it to week 3....well, I don't know what I would do with myself. Someone would have to scrape me off the freakin' ceiling, that's for doggone sure. :)

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