Saturday, May 1, 2010

May BAK by Pretty Pixel Designs

At Stuff to Scrap, designers can participate in a "Build A Kit" design, thus allowing customers to purchase multiple small kits to create a mega kit with a specific theme. In the post below this post, you'll see what Jenasis Design chose to create for the theme. Here is what Pretty Pixel Designs came up with!

Here's my layout. I like that I could show how this kit can be used for things other than barbequing. The colors are fantastic, very vivid and red!

You can purchase the kit HERE, and be sure to check out Colleen's website at Pretty Pixel Designs for more info!


Curt and Moe said...

I WISH I were crafty... Shhh, I don't think teachers are "allowed" to admit that! :) Cute stuff!!! I might commission some work your way if you're interested! I just had a girlfriend do some really cute stuff to hang on Ava's walls!

KajunKJ said...

I enjoyed "meeting" you tonight at the MLAS Speed Scrap. I am a follower of your blog. I am also a retired Kindergarten teacher!