Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm in the middle of doing a blog overhaul, complete with a new background, a new header (I think) and some other new things I've grabbed for free on the wonderful thing called the world wide web.

Can someone tell me if they are seeing my header twice? One standard one and one sooped up one that is all purty? Also, is the purty header not really centered, but kind of off to one side? ugh. Total frustration. I had someone design that header a few years ago, when I started this blog. But now its not anywhere near the color scheme that I want for the blog, and its slightly irritating me. I am OCD about matchy-matchy. Yep, I'm one of THOSE bloggers. Sadly, I'm also one of THOSE crafters. My hardest challenge is to veer off my monochromatic color template and add spots of colors to spice things up.

Anyway, so that's my post for today. exciting. I do have two "real" scrapbook pages to post, but I haven't taken a picture of them yet. Nothing new to post from PSE, either. One page in progress, still two lessons to complete in my "up and running" course.

This week is very busy with doctor appts and other things to do, plus we are heading south to Dallas for the weekend. So I don't know if I'll have much time to be creative. Boo hoo. :(


Leslie said...

yep... it's as you described... 2 headers, one off center. :)

Bev Dahl said...

You are getting there! There are two headers. One plain and one beautiful and blue, but, you are right, it is off to the right a little. The bg is awesome, but the turquoise / greenish doesn't look to matching with the blue header.
I am in the process of trying to create a new header on mine using MDS. check me out later this week and see if I made it yet.
I have a pretty busy week myself, arrg. Denver Thursday all day, then classes here Thursday evening, then Friday off to Salida for a couple of days then back Saturday night so we won't miss church on Sunday.