Thursday, April 22, 2010

On to Lesson 3 Bonus Activity...

Okay, I'm not completely thrilled with how this one turned out. BUT, the whole point of this "lesson" was to learn how to manipulate a template, which I have learned. :) But I hate the papers I chose. So I'll probably redo it.

Anyway, this was using the Bonus activity and materials in Jessica Sprague's "Up and Running With Photoshop" class. I so {heart} this class!! Seriously, totally worth the money. Just to have someone walk me through the craziness that is PSE is worth it!! I'll probably do her next class as well, I believe its called "Digi 2" or something like that.

One of the great things about the class is all the freebies you receive. I was able to download two templates plus a QP (quick page, where everything is done and you just insert a photo and some journaling). The templates were courtesy of KPertiet. All you have to do is insert the paper, then a little typing and it magically inserts itself into the position. I did add the date at the bottom and the three embellishments...because I'm just THAT digi scrapper that has to embellish. :)

The papers and embellishments were from a kit called Muddy Buddies, which can be found on Stuff To Scrap. A couple of my friends have featured it on their blogs, and I just loved how rugged and masculine the set was! Perfect for a little boy who is bound to get into messy stuff in the next few years. :)

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